Planning for Gotham v1.0

I’ve been doing some thinking about the 1.0 release. Two points come to mind:

  1. I think the v1.0 release should be when Gotham fully breaks away from Hugo.
  2. There’s breaking changes I’d like to plan for it.

For that second point, what’s the best way to do this? My initial feeling is to create a v1.0.0 milestone on GitHub and start adding Issues to that, that represent the breaking changes. This fits well into our current workflow and is completely public. The one downside I see if that, if we don’t go 1.0 for a long time, we’ll have Issues just sitting there for quit awhile. Is that okay?

Alternatively, we can use our Trello board to track these tasks, but this isn’t public. We can maybe make a second board that’s public, to track v1.0 items?

Thoughts @chayev?

I think we should use GitHub for this. This will allow us to start work on the items that we believe should be in 1.0, and as long as we label the issue properly it should be fine having it listed for a while.

We should decide on a timeline once we know which breaking changes we are considering.

The idea of a public Trello board is interesting. Do you have examples of projects that do this? What makes them work? Open to explore this option as well.