I'm Considering a Gotham / Hugo Utility Tool

So I’ve been thinking about this on and off for a few years now. I think it might be useful to create a utility tool for Gotham (and thus Hugo). This would be a tool that can do interesting things with a Gotham/Hugo site outside of the standard build or serve the site.

For example there’s been times that I wanted to know in my blog:

  1. How many unique tags am I using?
  2. What’s the average word count or reading time across all of my posts?
  3. In disk storage, how big is my homepage? My entire site?

A tool to answer these questions would be useful. Not only can it be used for the end-user, I would image tools that might want to integrate with a Gotham or Hugo site, such as a vim plugin, a web-based text-editor, a VS Code plugin, etc might want to use this tool in order to power some features of that plugin.


cc @chayev

This is an interesting concept. Is there a reason to limit a utility like this to Gotham/Hugo?

Is the idea to check these stats before the site is generated?

Yes, we are GothamHQ and we work on Gotham. I don’t want or care to learn the ins and outs of other SSGs, and have to write code in Node.js or Ruby or whatever they’re using.

Is the idea to check these stats before the site is generated?

Please read my post again. I explained the idea.

If the utility is used after the site is built, then technically it doesn’t matter which SSG built the site. We can effective answer all of the questions you asked for any website.

Makes sense if the tool will be used before the static site is built. I think we should go for it.

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